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This Is How You Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Did one, or all, or something similar of the following ever happened to you?


  1. You see a girl you really like, but you don’t have the guts to talk to her…mooie vrouw
  2. You are trying your best on seducing a girl you like, but when you are busy doing your best, another guy walks by and steels your girl…
  3. You met a nice girl in a bar, you managed to talk to her and at the end of the evening you gave her your phone number. But she never called you back….
  4. You met a nice girl and you went on a few dates together and you thought that this could really work. Until she said: “We will never be more than just friends”…


Are you desperate to find a girl?

fleur-flirt-man-jaloers-flirten-vriendinI have been there too….All those things also happened to me…

Finally I tried to look for help on the internet to give me a hand, but the most of the ‘dating experts’ were fake and there tricks didn’t work at all…In the end I was just about to give up and thought this was never going to work for me. I was never going to find a girl…


Not anymore!

Until I found this book! I thought why not give this one a last try? The worse thing that could happen was that I could end up alone. Well that was just where I was at that very moment, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I bought myself this book, written by Joshua Pellicer, and I’m so glad I did! This one really works!!!The book is called “The Tao of Badass” No matter what you want in a woman, this book will help you get it. Guaranteed!

succes gegarandeerd


A few examples of what this book will teach you:

  1. The one thing you can do that will make women see that you are that man with the confidence and looks where they have been searching for.
  2. How to react when a girl asks you to buy her a drink in a manner that will not only save you money but also enforces her to buy a drink for you and will make her flirt with you instead of the other way around.
  3. The true meaning of confidence and what you have to do to get more confidence.
  4. The secret discrepancy between ‘Positive body language’ and ‘Dominant body language’ and how not to confuse them.
  5. The number one sentence you can say that will turn off all the other douche-bags in a bar, so that you don’t have to compete with them for the attention of a woman.
  6. Teaching you to never do that thing what 99% of men do to take a woman’s “plausible deniability” away and with that they also take away their chances of any type of intimacy with her.
  7. How to change a simple thing in your gallivant that will that will make you instantly appeal to her emotions and what will make her feel hugely attracted to you.
  8. How to turn over the “attraction switches” in any girl what will make her think, “I want to have this guy.”
  9. The 9 guidelines on ‘how to create a deep emotional connection’.
  10. How you can notice early if a girl is thinking of putting you in the “friend zone” or not. And the one thing you can say to turn that around and making her feel sexual attractive toward you.
  11. What you should ask a girl you have just met to get her to open up to you.
  12. The 4 things you can do what will make a woman wanting to stay with you forever.
  13. To read the body language of a woman so that you will know exactly in what mood a girl is with you and how to move forward on to the next step.
  14. What “approach anxiety” is and how you can recognize this in an early stage and how you can remove it completely.
  15. How to get to talk with a girl even in the most crowded or noisy surroundings without being overdone or weird.

And these really are just a few examples! The book has a content of 150 pages of ‘punch you in the face’ information! So stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start reading this book!!!



When you buy this book now you will also get 4 (!) bonus reports:

  • “Never Get Cheated On” Learn how to ensure you never get cheated on!
  • “Monogamy Vs Polyamory” Should you date one woman at a time or many women? How to make the right call for you.
  • “Escaping The Friend Zone” – The Secrets Of Getting Out Of… And STAYING Out Of… The Friend Zone.
  • “Guide To Breaking Up” – The Step-By-Step Process to Leave Her Better Than You Found Her.


You have a try-out period of a month, and if you decide in this month that you don’t want to keep the book you will still get to keep these bonus reports, as a gift, for trying out “The Tao Of Badass.”

In order to make sure you stay on the right track it is nice to get some coaching and to talk to man who had been through the same difficulties as you.
When you buy “The Tao Of Badass”, you’ll automatically get access to a member and coaching area. You will also get weekly tips and tricks, exclusive video’s, interviews with other badass experts, and direct contact and advice from Joshua Pellicer.

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Do you want to make a girl fall in love with you?


‘How do I make a girl fall in love with me’ is a common question among many single guys. Imagine, you’re in a bar with some friends and you will see a very nice girl. But what now? Unfortunately we are not all Casanova’s, So some of us could use some tips. With the following tips you should be able to speak to that cute girl next time and hopefully make her fall in love with you.

Getting ready for a night out
7360738-man-kijken-spiegel-beeld-in-de-spiegel-ongeveer-om-te-wassen-vanLet’s say it’s Saturday night, you are going out tonight, and you want to seduce women…How do you prepare?
Before I go out, I always make sure I look good. I’m not that handsome, but I make sure I look at my best. I first take a shower, take care of my hair, and put on some perfume. Please note that it is not important to BE handsome, it’s more important to look as good as you can do. Women are attracted to men who are making an effort to look at their best! When I’m done with preparing my looks I always watch a few (so-called) inspirational videos to get in the mood. – Have a look on YouTube some time, and search for ‘inspirational videos’ and you can find some really good ones, which will make you get in the mood for a fun night! –
When I’m done with all my preparations it’s time for the real thing.


“Warming Up Sets”


On my way into town I try to speak to as many people as possible. I usually go on foot to the town so I see a lot of people on my way there. For example I ask strangers what’s the best place in town, what place they would recommend for having a really nice evening.


Doing this has two advantages:
1. You already have approached a few people, so this makes it easier for you to, later on, approach a women in the bar;
2. You could see those people again in the bar, and then you know them a little bit already, and you could easily have a chat with them!


Entering the bar
man-checking-out-woman2-1-480x300Always enter a bar with a smile on your face. When you enter a bar with a big smile on your face, you will immediately have the attention of women. A man with a cheerful face is ten times better than a man with a ‘tough’ face. It shows that no one can take away my evening and I’m enjoying myself! Of course I try to speak to many people, and also I always make a little chat with the bar staff. This makes you ‘social-proof’. If you know a lot of people, or talk to al lot of people, women find you more interesting, they will wonder why you “know” so many people, and they will want to know who you are.

Tip: do not stare at a woman for a long time, but go right to her. If your first look at her for half an hour, this could scare her, and then it will be harder for you to go there!


Do not approach a woman “on purpose”
speed-dating-vs-internet-datingWhen I go to a woman, I always pretend I do this accidentally. So, for example, I am standing with my back to her, and I see her “accidentally” when I turn my head towards her. The ‘opening sentence’ I use is always different. It’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it! Always say it with a big smile on your face, and with a confident voice! When you do it like that, you are definitely in! Also, I always tell her I can only stand there talking with her for a short time, because I have to go back to my friends. This one is gold!
I do this so women won’t think I’m going to stand there all night with them because they usually find that very annoying. Throughout the whole conversation, I always try to keep eye contact, and I always try to touch her in a friendly way, as much as possible so I build up a sexual tension!
That’s easy for the later on, if I want to escalate sexually…

Click here if you want more tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you

Where to go on a first date

Before I tell you the best places to go for the first date, I will first tell you where you should NOT go with a woman on a first date and why not.

(This is all about the subcommunication.)

Don’t go to an expensive restaurant!
bad-first-dateSuppose you invite a woman to dinner at an expensive restaurant … What do you actually communicate than…What do you imply (between the lines)?
This is something like: “I barely know you, but I’m already compensating my weakness with expensive dinners so I’m hoping you still will have a nice evening.”
All this reflects uncertainty and it is also incredibly boring and predictable for a woman. So don’t do that!

When you are not convinced that you are a worthwhile person, all your compensations won’t work. But when you do feel like a worthwhile person and you reflect this, you won’t need external things to compensate anything. Therefore it’s not necessary making the first date so ‘special’, because you being yourself makes it special enough!

Another bad place for a date, for example, is the cinema.
Here, again, it looks like you trying to compensate something by making it exciting with an exciting movie. It’s because you do not believe you can make it exciting enough by yourself.
Also a major drawback is that you do not get to know each other during a film, because you cannot talk to each other.

Finally; The intention of a first date is that you get to know each other. Therefore it is essential that you go to a place where you can talk to each other.
But where do you have to go then?

A few ideas:

  1. Go to the zoo
  2. Have a walk on the beach
  3. Have a walk in the park (with or without a dog)
  4. Have a picknickdo-not-disturb-wandelbox-picknick-m1
  5. Go shopping
  6. Have a drink somewhere
  7. Go to a museum
  8. Go skating
  9. Go play mini golf
  10. Have breakfast somewhere
  11. Go kiting
  12. Invite her at your place and cook together
  13. Or bring some food with you and cook together at her place
  14. Go to a winetasting
  15. Go to a a fair

The secret to success

Many men would like to know the answer to the question: “How can I make a girl fall in love with me?” The answer to this question is both simple and complicated.
It is complicated because ‘being a man’ nowadays is not ‘taught’ anymore. Back in the old days young men had to join the military service, they suddenly were torn away from their familiar surroundings, they were challenged to explore their limits and they learned to stand on their own. That’s where they became a man.

When you want to make a girl fall in love with you, you should be a man!

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Today, young men don’t have “that” anymore… Which among other things means that a lot of men will be boys for a long time in the eyes of women. But women are not attracted to boys. They are attracted to men.
You are a boy, and therefore unattractive, when, in the eyes of a woman, she simply does not feel safe and protected by you, and when she has the feeling she can’t trust you she won’t feel attracted to you.

The mission of a boy is to come in favor with the woman of his choice and to be liked. But that doesn’t give a woman the feeling of security, protection and confidence. She feels that you want something from her, but you’re trying to keep it a secret, do not dare to express or waiting for her approval. Something like this could for example lead in that you’re going to tell her you’re in love with here, instead of letting her feel it through a passionate kiss.

The mission of a man is to seduce the woman of his choice without further ado. To accomplish this, he overcomes his fears and insecurities, goes straight to the point, takes responsibility for his actions and he makes no secret of his intentions with her. When he is rejected he accepts this as a gentleman. And exactly that gives a woman a sense of security, protection and confidence. Because you are not making a secret of what you want from her. And you let her be free in her choice whether she wants to go in with you or not.

Why do we make it so complicated for ourselves?

If it is so easy, why do we make it so complicated for ourselves? The main reason that causes us to make it so needlessly complicated is the package of often false beliefs that we have collected in the field of women throughout our lives. For example, we often believe that women are attracted to us in the same way, if we are attracted to women. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Men feel initially mainly attracted to the appearance of a woman. For this reason, we can all develop feelings for a woman, without even really have spoken to her and knowing her. Obviously a woman also notices a good appearance but not as much as men. As I heard a woman once put it: “I have met many great men in my life, until they began to talk.” In other words: “The men were fun to watch, but she wasn’t attracted by their personalities.” So indeed women aren’t paying too much attention to the looks of a man, but more to his personality and what his appearance radiates. Therefore you absolutely not have to be the most handsome man to be able to attract women.

The important thing is that your appearance radiates that you are both physically and mentally well for yourself. That you feel comfortable with the life you lead. And that you will undertake everything what life will bring you with full confidence. This gives a woman confidence in you and a sense of security and protection in your vicinity; The necessary ingredients to be able to feel attracted to you.

Besides not only having false beliefs, we also often tend to focus on the wrong things in our lives, once we get the feeling that finding a woman sometimes can be a tricky thing. Suddenly, and often unconsciously, we make the “not having a woman in our live” being a problem. And we will start to do all kind of things to solve the problem. Women are suddenly becoming a priority in our lives. What we than actually are telling to ourselves is: “First a woman and then we’ll see.” As a result, you are almost stationary in your life and you are not developing any further. And women almost immediately know when you make your priority in life: “women”.

That is why finding a woman for you is so incredibly difficult. Because you make yourself, with this, totally unattractive for women. The solution of every problem is: Once you know what exactly is going on, you can start solving the problem.

The solution of every problem is: Once you know what exactly is going on, you can start solving the problem.

This E-book can help you solve your problem:

 “The Tao of Badass”

You will discover and experience what a woman wants in a man. How you can apply that in your own life, and make her yours!

How To Approach A Girl: Get A Girl With This Amazing Method

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